240W Fast Charging Beast! | Realme GT3

The Realme GT3 is an affordable flagship smartphone with 240W fast battery charging and here’s my early review of the camera, gaming performance and other bits. My usual unboxing was scuppered by a lack of box but the Realme GT3 will come bundled with that 240W charger!

So to reach the budget-happy $649 asking price, some sacrifices have been made. Most are minor thankfully, like the use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 rather than the fresh 8 Gen 2 – gamers will still enjoy a smooth frame rate in any title on the Realme GT3. There’s no wireless charging, but you do have that insane wired recharge support, so that’s lovely.

This phone also sports a respectable IMX890 camera, which can capture crisp shots even in low light. And the Realme GT 3 also boasts some slick design, with a portal showing the Snapdragon chipset and a gaming smartphone style RGB light.

Check out my reviews of other 2023 flagship devices, but the Realme GT3 is one of the best affordable options out there right now for sure!

Realme GT3 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Pricing & ‘unboxing’
1:09 – Design
4:12 – Realme UI 4 & features
6:03 – Display & audio
7:46 – Performance & gaming
9:33 – Battery life & charging
10:43 – Cameras
12:54 – Byyyyyeeeeee

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