5 Things YOU Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Series 7 Could Do!

Today lets go over 5 awesome things that you might no know your Apple Watch Series 7 can do!

So what are they?

Lets find out!

Apple Watch Series 7 Two Months Later! The ONLY Useful Smart Watch?!

YOU Should Buy the Apple Watch Series 7, And Here’s Why!

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———————What Gear I Recommend!——————————

First Mac ( M1 Mac Mini)

Best Macbook (MacBook Pro 16)

Best Travel Professional Windows Laptop (XPS 17)

Best Thunderbolt 3 Dock (cal digit TS3 Plus)

Best Beginner YouTube Camera (Sony A6100)

Best Overall YouTube Camera (Sony A7IV)

—————What Gear I Use!————————————————

Main Camera (Sony A7IV)

Main Lens (Tamron 28-75)

Secondary Lens (Tamron 17-28)

Main Computer (MacBook Pro 16)

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5 Reasons Motion Detectors Are Better Than Door/Window Sensors

So you are thinking of installing a home security system in your home. You know a little bit about how they work and the different types of sensors. You immediately think that putting a door/window sensor on every window and door in the house is the safest way to go and that there is no way that an intruder would possibly gain entry to your fortress. WRONG!

Apple MacBook Pro ME662LL/A Review of the Turbo Technology, and Connectivity This MacBook Comes With

There are so many different types of notebooks out on the market these days, and many of them aren’t worth the price tag. If you really want to make sure that you are getting a good deal, you might want to go with a MacBook. Apple is consistent when it comes to creating good laptops: the Apple MacBook Pro ME662LL/A is proof of this.

IP or Analog Cameras?

One of the big debates as of late is Analog or IP Cameras when installing a new CCTV system. This debate has heated up recently with new technology that makes an IP setup a very viable option. To give a quick summary, Analog cameras talk with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) via a coaxial cable.

Keeping Your Legacy Alive With Media

As human beings, it’s common for us to want to to pass down something to our children for them to remember us by. Before photography and video cameras, we had no real way to see how things were in the past, apart from drawings and paintings, and most of what was known about family history and legacy was passed down to us as word of mouth stories of the past.

Transferring Video to DVD Vs Hard Drive, Which Is Better?

If you’re looking to get your video tapes converted to a more modern, digital format, you have a couple of choices. We can transfer your video to optical storage devices such as DVD or Blu-ray or we can transfer them as digital video files onto a hard drive. Depending on what you want to achieve out of your video transfer, each choice has some pros and cons.

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