A Pixel 7a Rival Approaches | Honor 90 Review

Reviewing the Honor 90 Global Edition smartphone, hitting the UK from £449 with some Pixel 7a baiting specs. As well as a 200MP camera, the Honor 90 offers 66W fast battery charging, a gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED screen and some sleek Pro-like design. So should you go for this rather than that Google Pixel and is it a big upgrade vs the Honor 70?

Here’s my final verdict after a week of using as my full time phone. Check out my video on the best mid range phones of 2023 for more ideas!

The Honor 90 certainly sets a good first impression with its skinny, curvy design that looks proper premium. This green model is a stunner, and reasonably hardy despite the lack of IP rating.

The camera is headlined by a 200MP Samsung HP3 sensor, although don’t expect the Honor 90 to rival the Pixel 7a for incredible photography skills. Most of my everyday shots came out well enough, but some appear over-processed and colours aren’t as punchy as I’d hoped.

You’ll likely love the crisp and poppy AMOLED screen, which is a major highlight here. Sadly the Honor 90’s audio output isn’t quite as clever, with a simple mono speaker setup and no headphone jack.

And while the Honor 90 has no problems gaming on Genshin Impact, the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset does struggle when you boost that game’s graphics. Thankfully battery life is a massive win, and I never once ran out of juice by night time – unlike with the Pixel 7a.

Honor 90 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Trouserial talk
0:39 – Design
1:54 – Magic OS & features
3:23 – Display
4:49 – Audio
6:06 – Performance & gaming
7:35 – Battery life
8:24 – Cameras
11:33 – Verdict

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