A Tech Spurt Christmas | TSW137

It’s the Tech Spurt Christmas Office Party and everyone’s invited! Not everyone obviously, just Uncle Spurt, his trusty (and crusty) sock and of course Kevin. One of the greatest tech gifts of 2022 this Christmas special certainly isn’t, but it’s the best I can do at short notice. Sorry.

This year’s been a busy one, tech wise – we’ve had lots of great phones like the Pixel 7 series, Zenfone 9, Moto RAZR, Find X5 Pro etc, and only a couple of absolute turds like the iPhone SE 2022. In fact, part of this Christmas special is dedicated to a recap of exactly how pants Apple’s awful relic really is.

A massive thank you to my fellow Spurtans who have followed and supported the channel in 2022, and here’s to a massive 2023! Have a wonderful Christmas, all the best for the new year, see you on the other side!

A Tech Spurt Christmas Special Chapters:
0:00 – Ho ho bloody ho
1:13 – Tech Spurt Weekly Quiz Fun Times
7:36 – Festive viewer comments
17:25 – Next week (not quite)

How Much Computer Memory Do You Really Need?

Kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes…oh my! Ask around and you’ll get a bunch of different opinions about how much memory you need to operate all the programs that you want to on your computer. But, how do you know how much memory is really necessary?

Video Phone Shopping: What To Look For When Choosing Video Phones?

The video phone has recently been exceeding technology expectations. Every year, various consumer electronics items or gadgets are being modified to adapt to the ever changing needs of consumers. Manufacturers of products such as digital cameras, camcorders, hand phones, and personal computers introduce different models of their products to obtain some edge over the competition.

Ebook Readers

In recent times, digital editions of books and documentation have gotten a lot more popular and therefore more widely used. It is not surprising that digital copies are getting immensely popular, due to the fact that they present a lot of advantages. However, you would still need a device on which to read these electronic versions of books. Here we talk about ebook readers and the advantages of having one.

Protect Your Kindle With Amazing Covers

One of the most sought-after gadgets on the market today is undoubtedly the Amazon Kindle. This little gadget allows you to download and read thousands of books on the go. The Kindle’s eInk technology allows you to read even in the sunlight without any glare as is normal with other screens. All this for a bargain at $135.

Windows Startup Errors Fix Tutorial

If you’re experiencing errors on your computer, you have to be sure that you can clean out any of the problems that will be causing them in the first place. We’ve found that one of the biggest issues for Windows startup errors will be that your computer will not be able to process any of the files or settings that it will need to read the various programs & features that it requires. You see, whenever Windows loads up, it has to reads 100’s of settings and files that it needs to run.

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