AIRPODS PRO 2 Problems & Best Hidden Features after 1 Month of Daily Use

Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2 have some really unique hidden features and some unexpected drawbacks that I found after daily use for the past month.

Apple added so much here to an already great pair of earbuds, from the improved ANC, sound profile, microphones, and also the addition of find my and a speaker to the case. But it’s been a month, so it is time to step away from those spec sheets and talk about what these earbuds are actually like to use. In this video, I want to talk about the nuances, the best hidden features, the new uses cases, as well as the unexpected drawbacks with the AirPods Pro 2.

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Transparency dB limiter – I tried this at a small concert and also jamming
Overall super impressive
Hihats can get a bit funky, but that is no surprise
I suspect they are less protective compared to ear plugs, but these sound better
Great for a 95dB show
A 110+ dB show might not work

Still fall out of my left ear nonstop (i’ve tried different tips)
Surprisingly difficult to change tips

BUT they are super super comfortable when they are not falling out

FindMy features work perfectly, and I never lose these now
These work as an AirTag (keep these on your keychain or backpack)

ANC is incredible – I compared it to several other pairs (subscribe)
Much better sound than the original pros, with more bass, but still a little light on the low end
From what I can tell, they still did not add this to the new Apple TV remote…

I wish they had another color
The white really shows any dirt on the earbuds and if you don’t clean them regularly, they get gross
Also, if you wore these to a concert, the lights would make them so obvious

I LOVE the volume controls – use these all the time
They work perfectly, and use incremental controls so you don’t blow your ears out

Fantastic soundstage – I was listening to a live concert and I jumped when some guy yelled “yeah” because I kid you not, I though someone was behind me in my office
I also enjoy listening to them at lower volumes while using the ANC to cut out distracting sounds
I use android/windows devices too, and I need to turn off apple bluetooth to connect – no multipoint connectivity
Also cannot upgrade without Apple

Magsafe case is something I’m not seeing many people talk about. Maybe I adopted it harder than most, but I have these everywhere – I never need to worry about misalignment and not charging

I still have not added a lanyard. I probably won’t ever

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