AIRPODS PRO 2 vs SONY WF-1000XM5 (Tested and Compared!)

The AirPods Pro 2 and the Sony WF-1000XM5’s both claim to be the best ANC earbuds on the market, but I tested and there can only be one winner.
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TEST 1: The common test for white noise: tied in first place with Bose QCii and AirPods Pro 2, but the other frequencies are the big win – both 62.1dB
TEST 2: crowd test – 48.6dB
AirPods – 47.3dB
TEST 3: female voice test – 45.6dB
AirPods – 41.5dB

TEST 4: Wind – in transparency mode, it sounds exactly like my actual ears in wind
In ANC mode, it is very muted but still audible until I play any music. I would say in high wind, I might need to turn my volume up by one notch but that’s it
Bose QCE2 have very marginally better low end ANC, but these crush it with the high end and have less white noise, so overall these feel quieter in most environments

Transparency is still a bit better on AirPods – I tried one in each ear


Listening to Billy Strings:
Sony had more detail and clarity on the guitar
You could hear the pick hitting each string and the overtones that made it feel natural and alive
The upright bass was much richer and deeper

Sony buds are warmer, more powerful, more detailed, and lively
Sony also has an EQ, so if you want more or less bass, that is possible

AirPods are pretty neutral with a somewhat shallow bass. Very little distortion and great instrument separation with clean details and an emphasis on upper mids for more perceived clarity. Far from energetic though

AirPods case is slightly smaller
Sony comes in two colors
Stem vs no stem – vote on your favorite!
AirPods case has a lanyard hook
Controls – pinch vs tap!
AirPods have swipe
Sony has quadruple tap

BOTH have 360 audio
Wireless charging, but magsafe on airpods
Mono mode
Auto play/pause
Both IPX4

AirPods have FindMy and airtag-like precision lactating features
AirPods case has a speaker on it
Apple seamless switching
Audio sharing on iPhone
Native Siri

Sony has
Personalization in the app – scan your ear – I never use this
LE audio (low latency for gaming)
8/24 hrs WITH ANC!
3 min charge = 60 min listening
Multipoint connectivity
Eco friendly packaging
Ambient sound control – I never use this
Speak to chat
Quick listen


AirPods have some ecosystem advantages like audio sharing, seamless switching, and FindMy benefits. They also have superior microphones while maintaining a neutral sound profile and powerful ANC. With that said, the Sony WH-1000XM5’s are the clear winner in my book. Better sound, better ANC, better features, and a more secure fit in my ears.


$299 vs $249

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