Amazfit GTR 4 Review | Kills Samsung/Apple Watch in one big way

Reviewing the Amazfit GTR 4 watch, a budget-friendly smartwatch that’s cheaper than the Samsung and Apple alternatives but with better battery life and full fitness tracking. Is the Amazfit GTR 4 one of the best watches of 2022 for under £200? It’s certainly one of the most fully featured and, a few flaws aside, an enjoyable everyday smartwatch.

One of the biggest upgrades for this model is the huge battery, which delivers over a week of life per charge. That means the Amazfit GTR4 is one of the best outside of the Huawei Watch models for longevity. And certainly heaps better than the Samsung Galaxy or Apple options. You still get standard features like an Always On Display, 24 hour heart/SPO2 tracking and sleep tracking. Plus the Amazfit GTR 4 offers impressive satellite tracking and over 150 different exercise types.

On the flip side, this smartwatch isn’t as slick as some of the very best. Alexa refused to work for me, despite keeping both watch and app up to date and connected. You also have to pay for a lot of the faces, which is a proper jip.

So are you tempted by the Amazfit GTR 4? Let us know your thoughts below and check out our reviews of the greatest watches you can buy yourself in 2022!

Amazfit GTR 4 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Banging on a bit
0:45 – Design
2:22 – Setup & Zepp app
3:27 – Display
4:05 – UI & features
5:32 – Watch faces
6:34 – Apps
8:11 – Notifications, Alexa
9:17 – Fitness tracking
12:06 – Sleep tracking
12:44 – Battery life
13:46 – Verdict

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