Amazon Kindle Scribe Review

Reviewing Amazon’s Kindle Scribe, a fresh 2023 eReader boasting a bundled stylus for annotating and scribbling notes on your books. As well as unboxing the Kindle Scribe, here’s our thoughts on this Amazon e-ink device a week later, including how it compares vs the Oasis and Paperwhite, plus the Boox tablets and Remarkable.

This review model was the 32GB version with the Premium Pen stylus. Here in the UK, the eReader costs from £329 and that’s for the base 8GB storage and the basic pen.

We’d have no trouble recommending the Kindle Scribe to students and authors, if it wasn’t for that steep cost. Adding notes to ebooks and PDF files is simple, with a great sketching/handwritten experience. However, as it’s several times the price of Amazon’s most basic Kindle, the Scribe does seem to be a bit much considering the few extra features you get.

Of course, that display is a stunner, ideal for graphic novels (despite the monochrome finish) and boosting the font if your eyesight isn’t great. And the Kindle Scribe also offers the best battery life of all of Amazon’s eReaders as we hit 2023.

Kindle Scribe Review Chapters:
0:00 – Rambly beginning bit
1:04 – Unboxing
1:33 – Design
3:13 – Official cover
4:11 – Display
6:16 – Premium Pen stylus
9:18 – Notebooks
11:01 – Other features
11:50 – Battery life
12:35 – Verdict

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