Amazon’s New e-Ink Tablet: The Kindle Scribe

E-readers have been around for years, but you might have noticed a recent boom in e-ink note tablets like the Remarkable 2 which allow you to take digital notes with a paper like experience. Well, the biggest e-reader of them all, the Kindle, has finally joined the chat with their Kindle Scribe, which not only comes with a pen, but is also the largest kindle yet.

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Annotate books
Take notes in a notebook
Markup PDFs – you will eventually be able to sync docs directly from MS Word
This also works as a normal kindle with e-books, magazines, an internet browser, and of course audiobooks

10.2” e-ink display with 300dpi – Amazon’s largest kindle ever
Surprisingly sharp and super visible in any light (of course)
Dark mode and light mode
Slow refresh rate with some artifacts from time to time, but somehow the writing experience is just fine
Backlit display is a tunable white with variable or auto brightness
Only one shade of highlighter available, but this is still really great to have!

Looks like a fat pencil but writes a lot more like a fine tip sharpie
I usually write with smaller, finer utensils like 0.5mm mechanical pencils, so this took some getting used to
The pen is magnetic and does not need to be charged
Two pen options – I got the basic which is just fine for this device. The premium has a button for highlighting and a dedicated eraser function
You can not write with your finger – pen only
Not much lag. I like the texture and overall, it is a nice writing experience
Has auto rotate
Way easier on the eyes, and it feels more like traditional paper without wasting paper and without building up a stack of useless papers. More portable and versatile as well

Sufficient, but this is where it seems like a 1st gen device. It lacks features like note search
Can share notes via email
Lots of great notebook templates! Unfortunately, they apply to every page in your notebook 🙁
Can’t really rearrange notes
Outdated syncing tech
Not especially easy to switch pages in larger notebooks
Lots of great cases available that can hide and hold the pen, and can prop it up for reading or for note taking
The device is thin enough to easily write on the edges

I love the lack of distractions. In this sense, the lack of a good browser is not too bad
You can make annotations in a sticky note style
Annotations are in a folder
You cannot write in the margins on the book
You can highlight and you can search as well – dictionary and wikipedia

Kindle interface is clearly old and has inconsistencies
Browser can’t do much
No games (from what I can tell)
I really think this would benefit from a home or back button. There is plenty of bezel for it
Not waterproof
You need to say no to A LOT of upsells during setup – Amazon really wants you to subscribe to everything imaginable
No color, even though color e-ink exists
No wireless charging

If you love e-readers, this is a fantastic device. I would even say it is the best e-reader on the market. You can now annotate and take occasional notes. If your primary focus is note taking, there are better options. For me, I like to physically write my daily task list (usually) so saving, syncing, and searching notes is not that important. That’s not quite enough to justify the $330 price tag

0:00 Kindle has entered the chat
0:30 The Scribe by Kindle (design tour)
2:40 Writing Experience
3:15 The Pen
4:30 Bezels and Buttons
5:40 Note taking experience
7:30 Reading experience
8:40 The Negatives
9:33 Conclusion

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