Anbernic RG35XX Review | Affordable Retro Handheld – 2023 Gameboy – Any Good?

Anbernic RG35XX | Affordable Retro Handheld – Any Good?

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* 3.5” IPS Display
* 640 x 480 Resolution
* CPU: ARM Cortex A9 Quad-core
* GPU: PowerVR SGX544MP
* 256MB RAM + 64GB/128 MicroSD
* Custom Linux OS
* 2100mAh Battery (5 Hours)
* Supports OTG Gamepad
* Vibrating Motor
* Mini HDMI Out
* Loud Speaker
* 11.7cm H / 8.1cm W / 2.0cm D
* Weigh: 165g

00:00 Intro
00:17 Design
00:43 Specs
01:15 Controls
02:01 Linux OS
03:10 PS1
04:39 CPS
05:19 Game Gear
05:35 Neo geo
05:53 GBA
06:38 SNES
07:11 Final Thoughts

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