ANBERNIC RG503 Review & Gameplay – World’s First OLED Retro Hand-Held – Any Good?

Reviewing the #Anbernic #RG503. Which is the first ever OLED retro gaming handheld, featuring a 4.95″ screen, powered by the RK3566 Quadcore, with built-in Wifi/BT, mini HDMI Output, stereo speakers and a 3500mAh Battery.

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Anbernic RG503 Specs:
* 4.95” OLED Display
* 960 x 544 Resolution
* CPU: RK3566 Quad-core 1.8Ghz
* Mali T860
* 16GB MicroSD with Linux
* 128GB MicroSD with Games
* Suports upto 512GB MicroSD
* 5Ghz Wifi / BT 4.2
* Mini HDMI Output
* Linux OS / Batocera
* 3500mAh Battery (6 Hrs)
* Dual Stereo Speakers
* Weigh: 235g

00:00 Intro
00:11 Design
00:45 Inside the box
01:05 Buttons & Ports
03:04 Dimensions
03:18 Specifications
04:04 System Menus Walkthrough
05:49 Gameplay PSP
07:57 Gameplay DC
08:18 Gameplay PS
08:39 Gameplay N64
09:47 Random Gameplay
10:29 HDMI Projector 100″ Gameplay
11:12 More Random Gameplay
13:40 Final Thoughts

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Disclaimer: This video is for Educational Purposes Only

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