Apple iPhone Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features most people don’t know

To unlocks the full potential of your iPhone, you need to know these 25 uncommon tips, tricks, and hidden features!
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0:00 Why don’t people know this?
0:25 1
1:04 2
1:30 3
2:00 4
2:35 5
3:20 6
4:00 7
5:15 8
6:00 9
6:30 10
7:20 11
7:38 12
8:45 13
9:25 14
10:00 15
10:40 16
11:00 17
11:20 18
11:55 19
12:20 20
12:30 21
12:40 22
12:55 23
13:18 24
13:38 (UPDATE: There is an official ChatGPT app now!)

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