Apple Watch Series 8 (subtle but important changes)

The new Apple Watch series 8 has three big changes that aren’t easily spotted from the outside. These can drastically improve day to day life with this watch.

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2 sizes 41mm and 45mm
Great display!
Aluminum or Stainless, but stainless only makes sense if you have smaller wrists

2 temp sensors – one front and one back
5s temp intervals
Fetrility windows
Can log sexual activity as well
Prolonged periods and other notifications

Other sensors and testing
Blood ox, ECG,


Barometer detects airbags
Mics detect noise
GPS detects deceleration
Some of this is from iphone

Still 18 hr battery life
New low power mode

Accessibility gestures

$399 GPS, $499 with LTE
On shelves tomorrow

Why fix what isn’t broken? Temp sensor is welcomed!

Battery is still the same
Almost everything is the same

Summary: temp sensors, crash detection, low power mode

Not a compelling upgrade from the 7, but a solid watch and a great upgrade for the 5 or older

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