Are e-Bikes Worth It? (The Electric Bike Revolution Explained!)

Aventon Level2 ?
Today, e-bikes can assist you up to 28+ mph, they can flatten hills, make carrying cargo (e.g. child seat) easier, and can make for a fun workout or a convenient commuter, but are they really worth it?

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0:00 The e-Bike revolution
1:00 The benefits of electric bicycles
5:00 The drawbacks and risks
7:40 The Aventon Level2
8:25 How ebikes address the drawbacks
10:55 So are ebikes worth it?

Perhaps the most underrated mode of transport
Easier to bike farther, with more cargo, and up bigger hills
Can commute without a car and don’t get sweaty
Large battery can power lights, meters, and display
Can bring larger cargo such as a child seat without getting too difficult to pedal
Go further and faster on your workouts
Get into a city quickly and easily without traffic
No parking concerns
Healthier than most alternatives – reduces the barrier of biking. Further destinations can still be bikeable. With this, you are more likely to say “I’ll bike there”
Looks cool
You won’t get passed by a fat man on an ebike barely pedaling

Getting the bike stolen
Safety at higher speeds and with heavier bike
Storage/Weight – cannot carry it around
Bike does all the work, and you get no exercise

Aventon solutions
Lockable battery
Incredible headlight
Removable battery means you can have a spare if needed
Removable battery means you can lock your bike at work and charge it under your desk during the day
Tail lights/brake lights help others to see you on the road
Walking assist mode helps you walk the bike around and up hills if it is too heavy for you
Torque sensor instead of cadence sensor allows for better exercise, while not compromising the concept of an ebike (also throttle is optional)
Currently a class 3, but you can adjust the speed limit in the app
You can legitimately get a workout with this bike if you want to

Are ebikes worth it?
This is significantly more expensive than a cheap bike, but allows you to tackle large hills, go further distances, bring heavier cargo, commute to work without sweating, or get a tough workout in with more distance covered and therefore more scenery enjoyed. If you are going to get an ebike, I personally love the Aventon Level 2.

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