Are Televisions becoming OBSOLETE? – Nebula Capsule III Laser (mini projector)

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THIS… this little pocket sized cylinder is a home theatre projector with smartTV capabilities, a built in battery AND a bluetooth speaker. So that means you could just set this down and never plug anything in… no need for a speaker, an HDMI, or even a power cable, and you could still watch movies or liveTV in your living room… or on your deck… or while tailgating… or anywhere.

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The is the Capsule 3 by Anker and it is a pocket size projector that is part of a silent revolution in home media devices. You see, people used to have a TV and a vcr or dvd player, and then people got chromecasts and roku sticks, and then that became built into the tv. Some chose to have a big projector, but no matter what, it was always stationary. Bringing your TV to a party or a presentation was never an option. But now, technology is allowing us to see smaller and smaller projectors that you can literally bring anywhere. And the quality is surprisingly good.

If you think of normal TVs and projectors like desktop computers, this is a laptop.

This is small and mobile, but still gives you a surprisingly good image and it is way quieter. It has a ton of benefits and completely new use cases that we will talk about throughout this video. Of course it is not the first or the only mini projector, but it may very well be one of the best.

Before I get into the specifics, this is a pre production unit that I have been using for the past few weeks, so I want to thank the Anker Nebula team for hooking me up with an early unit and for sponsoring this video. Because of that, this video is really going to be me talking about what this projector is, what it can do, and where you can use it.

This thing is TINY!
Much heavier than it looks which gives it a premium feel
Internal battery for up to 2.5 hours of use
Bluetooth and wifi
Extremely quiet fan – you probably won’t realize there is one in there
¼-20 mounting threads
No need to keystone or focus – that is automatic

I wish it had a flexible stand to adjust the angle
I wish it came with a case. This is clearly meant to be portable

Surprisingly loud! Far louder than the Nebula Cosmos
Fans are super quiet, so you can really hear the speakers well
This is ideal for a portable projector because you will genuinely want to use this without bringing other speakers

Very bright – easy to watch in a bright room
Appears brighter than the Samsung Freestyle
Auto keystone
Auto focus
Laser instead of LED

AndroidTV 11
Chromecast capability
Google Assistant

Outside on your deck
Small apartment
Second TV for gameday in kitchen

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