Asus Zenfone 10, R.I.P. Mini Mobiles? | TSW153

The Asus Zenfone 10 has grown in size vs last year’s flagship, so while you’ll (possibly) get a 200MP camera, bigger battery and creamy performance, this phone ain’t as hand friendly. So is the Zenfone 10 the death knell for compact smartphones?

Here’s a closer look at those specs for Asus’ upcoming mobile which is set to launch in the UK in June/July 2023. It certainly sounds like a powerful and feature-packed blower, so while the Zenfone 10 is bigger, it should be a solid Samsung Galaxy S23 rival. You’ll hopefully get some dependable camera action, with smooth performance and excellent battery life. I also like the near stock Android experience with ZenUI.

Here’s hoping that those Pixel 8 smartphones are as mini as leaks suggest, to make up for Asus’ change of direction!

Let us know what you think of the state of compact handsets below. Is the Zenfone 10’s size boost really a sign that it’s almost over for miniature phones?

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep153 Chapters:
0:00 – Happy rich guy gets a crown week
0:32 – Asus Zenfone 10
4:11 – Viewer comments
11:49 – Which crap celebrity
12:36 – Next week

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