Awesome Telescopic Game Controller for iPhone – LeadJoy M1B

LeadJoy M1B – Awesome Telescopic Game Controller for iPhone (Similar to Back-bone)

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How Rapid Prototyping Is Used In The Manufacturing Industry

Rapid prototyping is a digital manufacturing process that involves the construction of three-dimensional models with the use of the latest CAD (computer aided design) applications. Using this process, it is possible to turn theoretical designs into physical objects quickly and easily.

What Is Rapid Prototyping Technology?

Rapid prototyping involves the automatic fabrication of physical products using the latest additive manufacturing technology. The first RP techniques came about in the mid eighties, these were used to fabricate prototype parts and scale models. Fast forward to today and we see that the technology is now integral to a wide selection of industries, RP is even now used to build production quality parts.

The Uniqueness Of The R4 And EZ Flash

The internet technology has indeed led to the invention of various devices, consoles, cards and other products that make life enjoyable. People now enjoy downloading and playing all kinds of games, music and video files online by making use of most of these products.

Rapid Prototyping Is Sweeping Industry

One of the fastest growing trends in industry today is called rapid prototyping. Also known as 3-D imaging, layered manufacturing, solid freeform fabrication, and many other names, its purpose is to assist with the designing, production, and testing new products before they go into the manufacturing stage. The wide range of applications is providing many with the tool needed to reduce costs in the fabrication of many products.

How Rapid Prototyping Is Used

Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques that can be used to quickly build a scale model of a part, or a finished product, using the latest three dimensional computer aided design applications. The first RP technique was developed in 1986, and was known as steno-lithography, since then there have been other related techniques introduced and made available to professionals.

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