Ayaneo 2S Unboxing & Review | Beefier than the ROG Ally!

Unboxing the Ayaneo 2S handheld console with a review of the gaming performance, testing out that AMD Ryzen 7840U with Radeon 780M graphics. I’ve been playing the latest AAA PC titles on the Aya Neo 2S, from Returnal to Forza 5, so here’s a look at this Windows 11 handheld vs the Asus ROG Ally, Steam Deck and more!

If you already own the Ayaneo 2, there’s not much reason to upgrade here. The Ayaneo 2S sports the same design, almost all of the same features, very similar controls etc. The main upgrade is the performance, with a refreshed Ryzen processor that even beats the ROG Ally for sheer grunt.

On this console, games like Returnal still played with a respectable frame rate on medium detail settings at 1980×1200 resolution. You can smash through big PC games like Forza 5 and Doom Eternal on higher graphics, and they look great on that crisp IPS screen.

So while the Aya Neo 2S may not be the most user friendly gaming handheld console of 2023, it’s certainly one of the most powerful. Battery life is standard despite a boost in capacity, while the stereo sound is fine although I prefer using headphones.

Check out my review of the Aya Neo 2, Asus ROG Ally, Steam Deck and other best gaming devices here on Tech Spurt!

Ayaneo 2S Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 – Another handheld wheyyyy
0:42 – What’s in the box?
1:38 – Design
3:15 – Aya Space & features
5:24 – Display
6:26 – Audio
7:06 – Performance & gaming test
10:33 – Cooling
10:57 – Controls
11:33 – Battery
12:06 – Byyyyeeeeee

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