Beefiest Smartwatch of 2023? | Huawei Watch Ultimate Review

Reviewing the Huawei Watch Ultimate, a premium smartwatch released in April 2023 with special diving features, one of the best displays and rather good battery life. The Huawei Watch Ultimate works with iOS and Android (although best with EMUI phones) and here’s my two week verdict of this pricey wrist rocket.

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While I like that UI, this wearable suffers from the usual limitations vs Wear OS including limited mapping support, no contactless payments, minimal notification support etc. However, on the flip side that battery life is sublime and charging is super quick. The Huawei Watch Ultimate tech is beautifully premium too, with a ceramic, liquid metal and sapphire design and gorgeous LTPO AMOLED screen.

You have a built-in mic and speaker to take calls but the Huawei Watch Ultimate doesn’t support LTE or 5G. There’s no eSIM at all, so it’s tethering all the way. Likewise you can’t pay for your stuff using this smartwatch, as there’s no Google/Apple Pay support.

So are you tempted? Check out my reviews of the best smartwatches in 2023 for other ideas!

Huawei Watch Ultimate Review Chapters:
0:00 – Four pillars of Ultimate
0:54 – Design
3:24 – Huawei Health, Setup
4:46 – Display
5:24 – UI tour
7:43 – Watch faces
8:52 – Speaker, mic
9:25 – Maps, GPS
10:10 – Expedition Mode
11:30 – Health tracking
12:32 – Clover
13:02 – Other features
14:01 – Battery life
14:49 – Verdict

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