Beelink GTR6 – Most POWERFUL Gaming Mini PC of 2022! – AMD RYZEN 9 6900HX | 32GB + 500GB | Quad HDMI

Beelink GTR6 – Most POWERFUL Mini PC of 2022! – (AMD RYZEN 9)

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Beelink GTR 6 Specs:
* CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX 3.3Ghz / 4.9Ghz
* GPU: AMD Radeon 680M
* 32GB DDR5 RAM (64GB Max)
* 500GB (M.2 NVME SSD) (2TB Max)
* WIFI 6E / 2.5 Gbps LAN
* Bluetooth v5.2 / Type C
* Support USB 3.0 (x3)
* Windows 11 Pro (pre-installed)
* Quad 8K Display Output (4*HDMI 2.1)
* Dual Cooling Fan
* Supports 8K 60Hz

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