Beelink SEi12 Pro Mini PC – Powerful i5 1240P – Review/Gaming/Emulation – (£500) – Any Good?

Beelink SEi12 Pro Mini PC – Powerful i5 1240P – Review/Gaming/Emulation – (£500) – Any Good?

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Beelink SEi12 Pro Specs:
* CPU: Intel i5 1240P 1.7Ghz / 4.4Ghz
* GPU: Intel Iris XE G7
* 16GB DDR5 RAM (64GB Max)
* 500GB (M.2 NVME SSD PCIe 4.0) (2TB Max)
* 2.5” SATA HDD Expansion
* WIFI 6 / 2.5 Gbps LAN
* Bluetooth v5.2 / Type C
* Support USB 3.0 (x4)
* X1 Thunderbolt 4 (Type-C)
* Windows 11
* Triple 4K Display Output (2*HDMI 2.0, 1*USBC)
* Dual Cooling Fans (X1 CPU / X1 RAM & SSD)
* Supports 4K 60Hz

00:00 Intro
00:14 Key Features
00:26 Inside the Box
00:49 Design
01:39 Specs
02:43 Upgrades
04:06 Boot-up Speed
04:15 BIOS Settings
04:41 System Info
05:36 4K Video from USB
06:20 YouTube Test
06:54 Netflix / Prime Test
07:08 GTA V (Steam)
07:46 WWE 2K22 (Steam)
08:22 Fifa 23 (Steam)
09:05 Undisputed (Steam)
09:40 PS3 Emulation Test
10:50 Benchmarks
11:23 Ranking Chart
11:57 Final Thoughts

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