Beelink SER3 Mini PC – AMD Ryzen 7 – 16GB + 512GB – Windows 10/11 – Any Good?

My review of the Beelink SER 3. This is a compact PC running full Windows 10 and upgradable to WIN 11 and you have some pretty good features which include Triple 4K display with Vega 10 Graphics. Upgradeable RAM and Storage and lots more.

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* CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Quadcore 2.3Ghz
* GPU: Radeon Vega 10
* 16GB DDR4 RAM (64GB Max)
* 512GB (M.2 PCIE 2X SSD) (2TB Max)
* Add a 2.5” Sata Drive
* Dual-Band WIFI AC / Bluetooth
* Support USB 3.0 (x4)
* Windows 10 64bit (Licensed)
* Triple 4K Display (X2 HDMI + Type C)
* Cooling Fan
* Supports 4K @ 60fps

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Inside the Box
00:40 Design & Build
01:58 Full Specs
02:56 Teardown / Upgrade Options
03:52 Boot-up Speed test
04:00 System OS / Properties
04:52 4K Test from USB
05:34 Youtube Test
05:55 Netflix Test
06:04 GTA V Gaming Test
06:46 Switch Emulation
07:04 PS2 Emulation
07:19 PSNOW game Streaming
07:45 WIFI Speed Test
08:00 Benchmark Tests
08:22 Mini PC Ranking Chart
09:09 Final Thoughts

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