Beelink U59 Pro Mini PC – Windows 11 Pro – N5105 – Review/Gaming – Under £200

Reviewing the Beelink U59 Pro. This is an affordable compact MINi PC running full Windows 11 Pro and featuring upgradeable RAM and storage, triple 4K display output and it’s powered by an 11th gen Intel Jasper Lake Chipset.

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Beelink U59 Pro Specs:
* CPU: Intel Celeron N5105 (10nm)
* (11th Gen Jasper Lake Quad-Core 2.0Ghz / 2.9Ghz)
* GPU: Intel UHD Graphics
* 8GB DDR4 RAM (64GB Max)
* 512GB (M.2 2280 SSD) (2TB Max)
* Spare 2.5” Sata Expansion (Up-to 2TB)
* WIFI 5Ghz AC / Gigabit LAN (x2)
* Bluetooth v4.0
* Support USB 3.0 (x4)
* Windows 11 Pro (pre-installed)
* Triple Display Output (2*HDMI+USBC)
* Single Heat Pipe / Quiet Cooling Fan
* Supports 4K @ 60fps

00:00 NEW Intro
00:29 Inside the box!
00:50 Design
01:41 Specs
02:34 Internals (Upgrades)
03:27 Boot-up Speed Test
03:52 System Properties
04:07 Storage Info
04:19 4K from USB
05:46 4K YouTube
06:21 1080p Netflix
06:33 1080p Prime
06:42 1080p Disney
06:50 GTA V (Gameplay)
07:11 COD MW3 (Gameplay)
08:11 Wifi Speed Test
08:22 Benchmark Test Results
08:42 Mini PC Raning Chart
09:09 Final Thoughts

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