Best ANC Earbuds 2022? (Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II)

The new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 claim to have the best ANC of any earbuds on the market. Among many other new features, these are undoubtedly a premium pair of earbuds!

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Smaller form than the older QC earbuds
Wing tips (3 sizes)
Ear tips (3 sizes)
Very comfortable, but they do not stay in my ears for a run
Tap and swipe controls
Wireless charging
Auto play/pause

Custom Tuning (for audio and for ANC)
Limited to SBC and AAC
Does have in-app EQ to perfect the sound

Well balanced
Capable warm bass with clear bass lines that don’t get muddy or drown anything out
Powerful sub bass
Very enjoyable audio experience
Decent instrument separation
Could be more detailed

11 levels of transparency/anc
Exceptional wind protection
ActiveSense can silence loud background noises in aware mode


6/24 hrs battery with ANC on
Remembers the last 7 devices you connected to, so you can easily switch

Selling for $299
Cannot turn ANC off (even in wind)
Still no mono mode
Fall out of my ears
No multipoint

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