Best Android Launchers (Summer 2022)

Reviewing the best Android launchers in 2022 that you can download for free or for a small fee from Google Play – no setup or rooting required. From long-standing classics like Nova 7, Lawnchair and Microsoft, to newer choices such as Minimalist, Ratio and Nothing (no, not that one actually). These are my top 15-ish favourite launchers for Android smartphones right now.

Nova v7 is one of the biggest and greatest around, offering impressive customisation and personalisation – you can set up your UI exactly how you like. Ratio is one of the new kids on the block, with a streamlined approach similar to Niagara and KISS. Minimalist Launcher is another great one to prevent distractions and keep you focused on what matters. Android is unrecognisable with any of those on board, great for keeping yourself focused.

Poco Launcher 2.0 is a light and fast launcher which proves perfect for older or more budget-friendly phones, as are the Lean and Pear offerings. Meanwhile fans of Microsoft are well catered for with the manufacturer’s excellent Google Play option. Speaking of which, Windows Phone fans should definitely check out Square Home, which replicates that slick tile-based desktop.

Let me know your own favourites down below!

Best Android Launchers 2021 Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
0:53 – Nova Launcher 7 (& Prime)
1.45 – Poco 2.0
2:47 – Pear
3:27 – Lean
3:47 – Lawnchair v2
4:27 – Microsoft v6
5:11 – Square Home
5:51 – Minimalist Launcher
7:26 – OLauncher
7:48 – Niagara
8:51 – Ratio
9:23 – KISS
10:32 – Smart Launcher 6
11:38 – Big Launcher
12:31 – Nothing Launcher (AVOID!)

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