Best bluetooth speaker: JBL Extreme

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Kindle To Chrome App – Read Anything on Kindle

If you want to take what you find online with you wherever you go, the new Kindle for Chrome extension lets you send just about anything to your Kindle to read later! In this article we explain just how that works.

iPad Competitors – Can They Hurt iPad Sales?

iPad Competitors seem to be coming from all over the place. Of course, there are all of the best Android tablets that were recently on display at the CES conference, and Windows and Blackberry seem to be gearing up for a fight on the tablet stage. But can they really compete?

Get a Free Xbox 360 – Why Does Microsoft Do This?

You probably have seen several advertisements online which states that you can get a free Xbox 360 plus their most recent creation, the Kinect. If you doubt the truth of this, well, quit it already. You really can get this gaming console completely free of charge!

My Computer Is Running Slow – A Simple Tutorial To Make Any Windows PC Run Faster

If your PC is running slowly, the good news is that you can actually speed it up relatively easily, if you know what to do. We’ve been repairing PCs for several years now, and are fortunate enough to have a really simple method to fix any of the possible errors that your computer could have inside.

UserInit EXE Fix Tutorial – How To Repair UserInit EXE Errors On Your Windows System

UserInit.exe is a file that is important in the operations of Windows. It specifically organizes the sequence of startup configurations in the system.

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