Best Budget ANC Headphones? | Creative Zen Hybrid Review

Reviewing the Creative Zen Hybrid ANC headphones, among the best budget friendly noise cancelling wireless ‘phones of 2022, ideal for gaming, music, podcasts and everything else. With ANC on board, the Creative Zen Hybrid makes for easy listening wherever you wander – for a price under £100 here in the UK.

Audio quality is good for the price, offering the kind of tuning that should appeal to most listeners. Bass is strong enough to satisfy without overpowering the rest of the range. The Creative Zen Hybrid headphones also boast impressive noise cancellation for public consumption of podcasts and audiobooks.

You’ve got comprehensive controls that are intuitive to operate, as well as a choice of Bluetooth wireless or 3.5mm wired connections. Battery life is respectable if not outstanding, with almost 30 hours of playback from a single charge. And the Creative Zen Hybrid headphones also look smart, even if they’re mostly made from plastic.

Creative Zen Hybrid ANC Headphones Review Chapters:
0:00 – Blah blah
0:28 – Design
2:29 – Setup & controls
4:02 – Audio
6:02 – ANC
7:32 – Mic call quality test
8:01 – Battery life
8:47 – Verdict

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