Best Budget Camera Phones (Spring 2023) | Top 15 Reviewed

Reviewing the best budget camera smartphones in 2023, from mid-range phones like the Pixel 7a and Samsung Galaxy A54 to the top cheap options like Nokia’s G60. Here’s my favourite Android camera phones that I’ve personally tested, check out my full reviews and unboxing videos here on Tech Spurt!

Google’s Pixel 7a is undeniably one of the best mid-range mobiles for point-and-shoot ease. That camera sensor is brand new and different to the Pixel 7, and while photo quality isn’t as good in ambient light, I’m still impressed. Likewise, the Nothing Phone 1 offers strong value for money and quality optics, thanks to Sony’s IMX766 sensor.

Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is good for photos and video, even if the shutter speed isn’t as swift as I’d like. You’ve got a great selection of bonus modes for the budget price point, with Sammy classics like Single Take Mode once again on board. Full Samsung A54 review is live now, stay tuned for more on the cheaper Galaxy A34 smartphone!

The OnePlus Nord 2T is another Pixel 7a rival, while the more budget friendly OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite costs just £300 but offers a 108MP camera. This can capture good looking photos at almost any time of day.

Other favourite camera phones at this price point include the Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus, Motorola Moto G82 and Nokia G60.

Best Budget Camera Phones 2023 Chapters:
0:00 – Rambly intro bit
0:35 – Pixel 7a
4:40 – Nothing Phone 1
7:34 – Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
11:07 – Poco F5 vs F5 Pro
14:26 – Poco X5 Pro
14:37 – Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 vs Pro vs Pro Plus
17:46 – OnePlus Nord 2T
19:48 – OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite
22:12 – Motorola Moto G62
24:04 – Motorola Moto G82
25:56 – Nokia G60

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