Best Budget Fitness Tracker of 2022 | Xiaomi Band 7 Review

Reviewing the Xiaomi Band 7, a budget fitness tracker that packs plenty of premium smart band features and respectable health tools, one of the best at this price. The Xiaomi Band 7 also boasts Mi Fitness support and a massive, bold OLED display that’s easy to read. Here’s my verdict after a week of testing this fitness tracker, one of my favourites of 2022, vs Huawei, Oppo and others.

Smart steps monitoring, heart rate monitoring and SPO2 shenanigans are just a few of this wrist rocket’s tricks. You also get a PAI score for how hard you’re working your heart, sleep and stress tracking and over 100 fitness routines (including, er, darts, chess and eSports). Battery life is good – the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 can survive four to five days between charges. Not the best at this budget price but certainly good enough.

One of the greatest features of this tracker however is that big, crisp, colourful OLED screen. It’s easy to read and a proper beauty. I had no trouble syncing with Xiaomi’s Mi Fitness app on Android either.

What’s your own favourite smartband right now? Have you tried out the Xiaomi Band 7 and would you also recommend? Let us know in the comments below and check out my coverage of Oppo, Honor and other rivals.

Xiaomi Band 7 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Chatty bit that you’ll skip
0:53 – Design
2:46 – Setup & Mi Fitness app
4:31 – Display
6:02 – Watch faces
6:52 – UI & features
8:18 – Fitness tracking
9:39 – Exercise mode
11:05 – Battery life
12:12 – Verdict

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