Best Budget Phones Under £200 (Spring 2023) | Top 10 Reviewed

Reviewing the best budget smartphones of 2023 with a price under £200 here in the UK, including the top camera phones, gaming mobiles, 5G devices and more. I’ve fully tested a selection of favourite cheap blowers including the Moto G53, Xiaomi Poco M5 and Redmi Note 11, Nokia G22, plus Realme’s latest Androids. Check out my budget smartphone unboxing videos and reviews right here on Tech Spurt to see more on the gaming, camera performance, battery life and beyond.

This round-up of the best affordable UK mobiles in 2023 starts with Motorola mobiles, including the Moto G53 and the Moto G23. These boast a gloriously stock Android vibe, like the budget-friendly Nokia smartphones. Hardware is more limited vs the Poco and Xiaomi handsets, and updates are limited, but they’re still great for everyday users. And battery life is among the best for under £200.

The Nokia G22 is one of my favourite options for stock Android fans who want the reassurance of future updates. You can even replace the display and battery yourself, if you’re brave enough. Meanwhile Xiaomi has several smartphones in this round-up of the best budget blowers in 2022, including the Redmi Note 11. One of my personal favourites with fairly dependable camera tech, aside from the poor video recording support. For a bit more money you can grab the Redmi Note 11 Pro on sale occasionally.

Don’t sleep on Poco either – that M5 is still an absolute blinder, but don’t bother with the C40, which is poor for that price.

Best Budget Smartphones Under £200 2023 Chapters:
0:00 – Waffle
0:43 – Motorola Moto G53
2:35 – Motorola Moto G23
4:10 – Nokia G22
6:14 – Nokia G11
6:34 – Nokia G50
7:53 – Poco M5
9:12 – Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 (& Pro)
10:41 – Realme 8 5G
11:09 – Realme C31 & C35
11:28 – Byyyyeeeee

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