Best Cheapest Electric Scooter 2023 (Under £220) – iScooter i9

iScooter i9 Review (2023) – Most Affordable Electric Scooter | Any Good?
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iScooter i9 Specs:
– 350W Motor
– 7.5Ah 42V Battery (3-5 hours charge Time)
– 25KM Range
– Max Speed: 30km/h
– 2 Speed Modes
– 8.5” Pneumatic Tyres
– Mechanical Disc Brake (Rear)
– Electrictronic Brake (Front)
– LED Screen Display
– Front and back LED Lights
– Max weight: 120kg
– Weight: 13.5kg
– IP54
– Smartphone APP: MiniRobot

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01:53 Design
02:43 Speed Test
06:14 Smartphone App
06:49 Anti-theft
07:24 Final Thoughts

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