Best Looking Bluetooth Speaker: The Marshall Middleton

The new Marshall Middleton is a bluetooth speaker with big sound, and great looks. This video was sponsored by Marshall.

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Marshall Middleton Bluetooth Speaker

When you think about the genre of rock, you might think of guitar solos, long hair, woodstock, and pants that were definitel too tight, and it is undeniable that an iconic part of the Rock n Roll movement was the Marshall amplifier. Behind many of the great artists, stood a tower of Marshall amps and speakers from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Slash, Van Halen, the list basically goes on forever.

The new Marshall Middleton brings that aesthetic and that legacy to a loud and durable yet portable and beautiful bluetooth speaker

Aesthetics – one color, the iconic black Marshall style
Larger and more durable than the previous bluetooth speakers
Solid build – feels heavier than many other portable speakers

2 x 20W class D amps for the woofers
2 x 10W class D amps for tweeters
Multi Directional stereo sound

3.5mm input
USB-C charging
USB-A to charge your phone

Optional strap
Durable design
IP67 water/dust resistance

55% of the build is from post consumer recycled materials

Adjustable EQ – this is huge! Simply adjust on bass and treble on the top of the speaker without any need for an app
Decibel test

Battery life
Multi speaker connect
Bluetooth 5.1
Stack mode amplifies the experience
Easy to pair with android or ios
20+ hr battery

Reasons to buy:
In my opinion, this is the best looking bluetooth speaker out there
EQ features on board are nice
Durable and water resistant for outdoor parties, river floats, tailgates, etc.

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