Best Meta Quest 2 Games (Winter 2022) | Top 30 VR Titles Reviewed

Reviewing the best Meta Quest 2 games in late 2022 (formerly the Oculus VR headset until recently), from action and shooter titles to puzzle and fitness apps. These are my top 30 favourite single player experiences for the Meta Quest 2 – I’m hoping to round up the best multiplayer and coop VR games shortly.

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Fresh new titles such as Bonelab and Moss Book 2 are a great reason to bag yourself one of these headsets. Resident Evil 4 VR and A Song In The Smoke offer impressively immersive experiences, while Resist is the closest you’ll get to being Spiderman. The Meta Quest 2 also boasts a strong selection of puzzle, shooter and adventure games, so there’s something to suit all tastes.

My list of favourite titles includes classics like I Expect You To Die and the sequel, as well as workouts from Pistol Whip 2089, Smash Drums and more. Plus of course you can’t beat Super Hot, Robo Recall and The Room VR for passing a dull afternoon.

What are your own picks of the best Meta Quest 2 games you can play in Winter 2022? Let me know what I missed in the comments, and especially any multiplayer titles that you really love.

Best Meta Quest 2 Games (2022) Chapters:
0:00 – The waffly beginning bit
0:45 – Resident Evil 4 VR
1:59 – I Expect You To Die
2:39 – Resist
3:36 – Lucky’s Tale
4:22 – Moss (& Book 2)
5:07 – Walking Dead Saints & Sinners
6:35 – Arizona Sunshine
7:38 – Jurassic World Aftermath
8:16 – Exorcist Legion VR
8:37 – Bonelab
9:36 – Trover Saves The Universe
10:05 – Red Matter 1 & 2
11:00 – Pistol Whip 2089
12:02 – Super Hot VR
12:27 – Tales From Galaxy’s Edge
13:15 – Vader’s Quest Trilogy
13:30 – Robo Recall
13:45 – Walkabout Mini Golf
14:20 – Myst VR
15:11 – A Fisherman’s Tale
16:12 – The Last Clockwinder
17:26 – The Room VR A Dark Matter
18:21 – A Song In The Smoke
18:56 – Fit XR
19:37- Les Mills Body Combat
20:06 – Audica
20:27 – Synth Riders
20:40 – Smash Drums
21:00 – Byyyyeeeeee

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