Best PSVR 2 Games (Summer 2023) | Top 20 PS5 VR Titles Reviewed

Reviewing the best PS VR2 games you can download in summer 2023, from top Playstation VR adventures like Horizon Call of the Mountain, to PS5 conversions like GT7 and No Man’s Sky. We’ve got pant-soiling PSVR2 horror in Resident Evil Village, and some excellent puzzling in Another Fisherman’s Tale.

Let us know your own picks for the best PSVR 2 titles in the comments below.

So Sony’s VR console hit the UK four months ago and it’s my favourite way to enjoy some virtual reality gaming right now. Horizon Call of the Mountain, GT7, No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village are among the best PSVR 2 experiences, pushing the graphics and gameplay to fresh levels. But you also have revamped Meta Quest games like Runner, Walking Dead Saints & Sinners and Moss.

Upcoming games like Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord mean I’ll likely be updating this list of the best PS VR 2 games very shortly, but in the meantime check out my review of Sony’s Playstation VR 2 headset for more on this lovely shiny helmet!

Best PSVR2 Games Chapters:
0:00 – Thanks Apple!
0:52 – Horizon Call of the Mountain
2:24 – Resident Evil Village VR
4:05 – Gran Turismo 7
4:28 – No Man’s Sky
5:16 – Song in the Smoke
5:49 – Red Matter 2
6:32 – Another Fisherman’s Tale
7:05 – Thumper
7:38 – Kayak VR
8:28 – Runner
9:20 – Moss 1 & 2
10:05 – Walking Dead Saints & Sinners 1 & 2
11:59 – Pistol Whip
12:43 – Star Wars Tales From Galaxy’s Edge
13:18 – The Last Clockwinder
14:23 – Other great PSVR2 games

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