Best Upcoming Phones Launched At MWC 2022 | TSW101

Recapping the best new phones that are coming in Spring 2022, as announced at MWC. Quite a few new upcoming smartphones were launched out in Barcelona, including flagship killer the Realme GT 2 Pro and the Honor Magic 4 Pro. For less cash you also have the standard Realme GT 2 and the Poco X4 Pro, while TCL, Nokia and other manufacturers were busy too.

But MWC 2022 wasn’t just about phones, oh no! We also had some interesting battery charge tech launched out there, with Realme’s 150W fast charging beaten mere moments later by Oppo’s 240W effort. Will that be exploding a phone near you soon? No probably not, but Realme’s fast charge will hit the Neo 3 apparently.

Rounding off the MWC launches, we have fresh laptops from Samsung, Huawei and yes, Realme was back in action there again. Take a break guys, seriously!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep101 Chapters:
0:00 – Skip it
0:39 – Best phone battery fast charge
1:59 – Realme GT 2 & Pro
2:52 – Honor Magic 4 & Pro
3:50 – Laptops!
4:33 – Viewer comments

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