Best Xbox Game Pass Games You Possibly Missed #Shorts

Reviewing the best Xbox Game Pass games you possibly missed before 2023, including my favourite indie titles, adventure, action, RPG and horror options. Xbox Game Pass offers a huge catalogue and here’s some of the best games to download and play right now for free!

10: Amnesia Dark Descent, ideal if you’ve finished Alien Isolation and you’re looking for the second most terrifying thing on Game Pass

9: Citizen Sleeper, a tabletop RPG style adventure – can you survive a harsh existence on an abandoned space station?

8: Game Pass hosts a couple of classic LucasArts adventures, and DOTT is the funniest and cleverest of the bunch. Also don’t miss the new Return To Monkey Island.

7: Doom 64 which isn’t just an N64 port, it’s a complete reimagining with some cracking all-new levels

6: Immortality has you delving into a film clip archive to solve a decades old mystery – like Her Story but even MORE screwed up

5: It takes two, an addictive couch co-op game and a perfect night in with several beers

4: Rubber Bandits, a hilariously daft pvp and another post-pub smasher

3: Shadowrun Dragonfall, one of the best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass, with a brilliant cyberpunk setting and engrossing plot

2: Signalis, a creepy survival horror with an atmosphere thicker than the average Geordie Shore star

1: Last up, if you enjoy shooting undead nazi scum in the face over and over, check out Zombie Army 4, one of the best action games that isn’t Halo or Gears. Or Doom.

So what are your own hidden classics on Xbox Game Pass right now? Expect more big new titles to hit the service in 2023!

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