Bonkers Superhero Smartphone! | Doogee V20 Rugged Phone Tested

Unboxing the Doogee V20, a super-tough rugged 5G smartphone fresh for 2022 boasting two displays, plus loads of bonus features including a night vision camera. This review tests out the toughness as well as the camera tech, gaming smarts and other bits of the Doogee V20 phone.

Turns out this well hard handset is water resistant, drop resistant and temperature resistant, but it sure ain’t child resistant. All the same, this rugged mobile survived a lot of punishment before a small person busted it in.

The Doogee V20 boasts some decent specs, including the Dimensity 700 chipset. This can handle light gaming no worries, with a dedicate gamer mode on board as well as chipset cooling tech. Battery life is also great with a mighty 6000mAh cell on board, plus wireless charging.

However, the 64MP camera on the back of the Doogee V20 is less than stellar. That said, how many smartphones boast their own night vision sensor? Not many, that’s right.

So is this the best rugged smartphone in 2022? Well, the OLED screen isn’t fantastic but it’s not bad, and you do have old Android 11 here. But overall it’s a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone after a tough phone – just keep it away from your kids.

Doogee V20 Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – Banging on
0:49 – What’s in the box?
1:45 – Design
2:50 – Toughness test
3:27 – More design
4:47 – Features
6:41 – Display & audio
8:18 – Rear display
9:18 – Performance & gaming
10:47 – Battery
11:23 – Cameras
13:36 – Byyyeeeee

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