Can A $3,800 Electric Scooter Replace My Car? – I Tried For 3 Days

Segway GT2 (latest sale) ????
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This electric scooter is more expensive than my car… so what makes it so expensive? Can it replace my car for local errands? I tried for several days to see what the limitations and benefits were.

Thanks to Segway for sending this review unit. This did not impact my analysis. I covered both pros and cons throughout this video.

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0:00 Why?
2:00 Some early benefits
2:20 What about cargo?
3:00 Hill Test
4:00 The first main drawback
5:11 Product Tour: Segway GT2 features & specs
6:10 Speed Test: Drag Race
7:20 5 Main Drawbacks
9:30 6 Main Benefits
12:12 Headlight test

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