Can Tablets Replace Laptops? I tried for 7 days

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (affiliate)????
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Tablets have come a really long way from the early days of the iPad and today’s powerful chips, compact batteries, and incredible screen technology, the line between laptop and tablet has really blurred. There are laptops with removable keyboards, tablets with attached keyboards, and even laptops with two screens where one acts like a digital keyboard. So this got me wondering. Are they actually interchangeable? Can I actually replace my laptop with a tablet? So I set out on a mission to answer this question and for the past 7 days used a tablet instead of my laptop. I still had to do all my usual tasks like managing emails, online shopping, budgeting, everything I would normally have done on my laptop, but I was forced to do it on my tablet.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
14.6” OLED display
Flagship Snapdragon Gen 2 for Samsung
Extremely slim with great screen to body ratio
In screen fingerprint sensor
Ultra low latency S-Pen
New keyboard cover design
Stacked specs
It’s the best android tablet on the market

This has Samsung Dex which feels like a cheat code.

So in the beginning, things were off to a rough start. It took time

Chrome and Brave are ok, Samsung Internet is ideal. Just make sure you switch to desktop mode

I found alternate apps to make things work and are optimized for tablets.

Hotkeys work! (takes a beat to learn the differences, but most are 1:1 with Windows

You can use Dex on the tablet or on a monitor
Wireless Dex
You can use dex on a monitor while using the tablet as a tablet, but not both
But you can flow pointer to tablet screen

Ports. USB-C plus You can technically insert an SD card (from a camera, etc) but you need a tool to do so
Still good for expanding storage though
But no HDMI, headphone, or USB-A

The Hub from Anker. (Anker 551)

Then things started to pick up and it felt more like a laptop but even better in some ways.

*Cameras on rear for scanning
Has a flash on the rear cameras

*Accurate pen with low latency for natural writing
No laptop pen even comes close

Probably better webcam quality
Two lenses to choose from – standard and ultrawide angle – 4K
Auto framing

Quicker startup
Biometric sign in
Biometrics to unlock lots of things

Smooth and intuitive touch gestures just like a phone

So I was really digging this

But once I really got in the zone, I was able to be productive in apps like

Until I ran into a few issues
My wired printer didn’t work
Strangely only the Tab S9+ offers cellular 5G

Dex is great but many apps are not optimized – Samsung forces though and it sort of works

Tons of apps are not optimized for tablets at all

Can use mobile apps (great!)
You can also get lots of Android widgets on your homescreen

Cannot use work horse apps like Adobe Permiere Pro, Creo, etc.

Sort of has 5G

Pretty solid battery life

Lighter and thinner than most laptops

This has IP68 Water Resistance!!!
Durable Gorilla Glass Victus+ display

If you are traveling, you could always run remote desktop via the tablet and use a big machine back home

Keyboard case is nice but has no trackpad. Also feels more sturdy on my lap

Daily Board = a better version of screen saver (when charging)

Two different UIs – one dedicated to tablet use, which is easier

Dex feels like a linux OS but with more limitations
A watered down Windows 11
Limited to one external display

If you mostly just browse the web, review PDFs, take handwritten notes, and work with common programs like google docs, excel, powerpoint, or email, this is ideal

If you need any heavy lifting or high output productivity

The device seems capable but the software is not

SUVs analogy

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