ColorOS 13 Hands-On Review | Best new features explored

Reviewing ColorOS 13, the beta version of Oppo’s latest Android launcher, including some of the best new features and updated options packed inside. Here’s a side-by-side of ColorOS 13 vs 12.1 on the Oppo Find X5 Pro, including a brief guide to the rollout schedule and which devices are getting it first.

From an early hands-on, it seems that version 13 is more of a gentle upgrade over the previous version than a full-on evolution. The Always On Display is one of the biggest improvements, with direct Spotify control and a selection of new options. ColorOS 13 also includes new wallpapers, including a Blossom effort that makes you aware of your screen-on time that day.

Oppo has also improved the notifications bar/control center, which has improved media controls. There’s a bold new font running throughout and spruced-up animations for the likes of the clock app. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Color OS 13 is also designed to keep apps open for longer and ensure your privacy stays strong.

That’s my early review of this new Oppo launcher based on Android 13. What do you think are the best new features, and are you happy with what you’re seeing?

ColorOS 13 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Intro & device rollout schedule
1:16 – UI improvements
3:03 – Oppo apps
3:28 – Always On Display
5:52 – Blossom wallpaper
6:27 – Other new features
7:05 – Behind the scenes

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