ColorOS 13 Review: OPPO’s Best New Functions & Features

So the new OPPO ColorOS 13 is concise, comfortable and simple to use with Android at its core and some impressive technical innovations on top. The first you’ll notice is actually before you even pick up the phone.

Full launch (YouTube):

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The new always on display: Smart AOD
Reduces refresh rate to 1Hz for less power consumption
Works with Spotify
Works with food delivery apps
Fun animations and designs available
Once you sign in: Homescreen
Easy to customize
Tap and hold folders to make large folders (faster access and cleaner organization)
Also easy to get widgets by tapping and holding things like the weather app
OPPO also has a control center where you can stack all your widgets for a completely different quick glance tool – great for stocks, weather, calendar, etc
Quick access to settings: Control Center
Just a nice clean interface here with everything I need
Digital wellbeing: Blossom wallpaper acts to control your daily screen time as it grows throughout your phone usage until you hit your goal and then starts to wither and die
Focus: Meeting Assistant
Works with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet
Notification banners are smaller
Productivity: Multi-Screen Connect
You can display three windows from your phone simultaneously on a Windows PC (two apps of your choice + one mirror)
If you are using an OPPO tablet, you can also transfer files seamlesly

The overall design is what they are calling “Aquamorphic” and has water droplet-like design elements. The intent is to be calming and versatile. The design has soft rounded elements with high contrast and a simple appearance

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