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Logitech S715i – Perfect for Your iPod and iPhone

Are you looking for a great speaker for your iPod? Then the Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i will surely be the perfect choice for you. This speaker, along with the iPod and iPhone that you have are the ideal combination of music technology at its best.

What Is Kindle?

The Kindle is capable of storing thousands of electronic books at any given time, and newer versions of the Kindle provide increased memory capacity which allows for the storage of even more books and other information. Now, with the power of the Kindle, every day readers can forget having to purchase individual books from the bookstore. Instead, they can enjoy reading all of their favorite works from one small device.

eReaders Vs Tablets

eReaders and tablets can both help you read books. Looks like both are set for growth. There was a debate however that only one of these would survive. Get a look at what is likely to happen!

Hand Held GPS – Features You Need to Look For When Shopping For One

A hand held GPS is handy should you traveling considerably, if you need to venture out to the badlands or if you want to locate places frequently. If you love to geocache, a GPS is necessary. These modest gizmos let you enter your desired spot and it also immediately scans your physical location on the globe, compares it to wherever you wish to go and can tell you the best way to reach one’s destination.

Pure Genius

Not the drink from Ireland this time but the latest incarnation of Amazon’s Kindle. As a lifelong lover of books that you can touch and smell and lend to your friends I was always suspicious of electronic e-readers (although speaking as a lover of technology the original Sony e-reader did inspire in me some of the same aspirational enthusiasm as the Apple iPhone). Still, I could never imagine choosing such a device rather than a book, whatever the charms of weight, ease of use and cost might otherwise argue.

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