Coolest Tech of the Month February 2023 – EP#77 – Latest Gadgets You Must See!

Coolest Tech of the Month February 2023 – EP#77 – Latest Gadgets You Must See!
✅ Full Coolest Tech Playlist:

✅ Poco Gift Box
▶️ Official:

✅ Verefa V60 Pro Robot Vacuum – £206 /
▶️ UK:
▶️ Official:

✅ Edifier WH950NB Wireless Headphones – £179 /
▶️ UK:

✅ Bakeey VP2 Mini Projector – £33 / $39
▶️ Banggood:

✅ Benazcap Case for Steam Deck – £17 /
▶️ UK:

✅ Mokin Docking Station for Steam Deck – £49 / $49
▶️ UK:
▶️ US:

✅ Hagibis 4in1 Steam Deck Dock – $28
▶️ US:

✅ Panasonic Lumix 25mm Prime Lens with F1.7 Aperture – £149 /
▶️ UK:

✅ Aerative Portale Dryer – £69
▶️ Official:
▶️ UK:

✅ Edifier MF200 Portable BT Speaker – $69
▶️ Tech4:
▶️ Edifier:

✅ Benks Wireless charger – $69 / £57
▶️ Official:

✅ VOLTME Revo Series Fast 100W GAN III Charger – £69 / $69
▶️ UK:
▶️ US:

✅ Earfun Air Pro 3 Earbuds – £79
▶️ Official:

✅ Blackview MP60 Mini PC – £299 / $249
▶️ US:
▶️ UK:

✅ MiraMate Cold Laser Wrist X – $349
▶️ Official:

✅ OLTO-8 INFINITY Ⅱ Mechanical Watch – $659
▶️ Official:

00:00 Intro
00:49 Poco Gift Box
01:43 Edifier WH950NB
03:42 Verefa V60 Pro Vacuum
06:18 Bakeey VP2 Projector
09:27 Benazcap Steam Deck Case
10:57 Mokin Steam Deck Dock
12:25 Hagibis Steam Deck Hub
14:02 Panasonic Lumix Prime Lens 25mm
15:19 Aerative Portable Dryer
17:08 Edfier MF200 Speaker
18:45 Aerative after 20mins
19:13 Benks Wireless Charger
20:00 Voltme 100W Charger
20:51 Earfun Air Pro 3 Earbuds
22:18 Blackview MP60 Mini PC
25:23 Aerative after 60 mins
27:10 Miramate Cold Laser Wrist X
28:47 Olto-8 Infinity II Mech Watch
29:33 Concluding EP#77

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