Did Androids Just Surpass iPhones?

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Nothin phone(2)
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The iPhone 14 looked just like the 13 which looked like the 12 and the 11. Even the biggest Apple fans admit the design has hardly changed. And yet iOS has dominated the US market with a rapidly growing market share. But perhaps I didn’t word that correctly and instead maybe we should say because. The iPhone design has remained similar because they dominate the market. You see with such a strong network effect, Apple needs to do very little to keep customers. Android devices on the other hand have changed drastically out of necessity. With a mountain of social pressure against android, phone designers have no choice but to throw a hail mary in an attempt to stand out.

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Nothing phone (2)
$599 despite being a direct competitor to the $799 iPhone 14
Smaller camera cutout
In screen fingerprint reader
Customizable UI
Fast charging (45W vs 20W iPhone) but some Androids charge much faster, going from 0 to 100% in under 20 minutes
Great for tech enthusiasts – regular phone, but cooler with some quirks
Feel like you are part of the design process with a prototype inspired design

Samsung Galaxy Flip5
Fun style
Front display with widgets
Protect your main display by folding it
Flex mode for selfies
Great for previewing photos
Use as a tripod for flashlight
Use as a tripod for night sky photos
Fits in shallower pockets – Apple killed the iPhone mini
Same price as an iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Fold5
Samsung Dex
Mega apps like Google maps, calendar, GMail, etc
Split screen multitasking
But definitely way more expensive
Reverse wireless charging
Awkward aspect ratio
Conversation starter
Anything you heard about creases have probably been from people who never used it

Google Pixel and Pixel Fold
Google Pixels have long been the iPhone of androids. It is smooth and simple like an iPhone but offers unique features like
Call screening
Now Playing
Hold for me
Magic eraser
Better cameras
The Pixel Fold has a better aspect ratio
Pixels have been my go-to for the past year.
My wife has been a long time iPhone user and just switched to the Pixel Fold. She loves it

But iPhones have a network effect, known reliability, great video capabilities, and a robust app store.
I personally switch every year to make sure I am never biased. I currently use the Pixel Fold. iOS is great, and for many the iPhone should absolutely be your next phone, but this pressure has created a trend of strong innovation for Androids and complacency with the iPhone.

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