Did you know Apple Notes could do this?

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Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Hybrid – What You Need to Know

The Dell Inspiron Duo is a one of a kind laptop. Dell has designated it as the first true hybrid computer. There are two different types of “computers” when it comes to the ultraportable. One is known as the netbook. These computers typically are very underpowered and are designed specifically to have long battery life. This long battery life comes from the underpowered components that come with the netbook. They also have 10 inch or smaller screens. The other ultraportable is known as the tablet. A tablet is a computer that is all touch screen that has no physical keyboard or trackpad. Tablets also have excellent battery life with pretty low end components. These computers each have their own things that they are good at. For example, typing up a report in a netbook would be easy. Doing the same thing on a tablet would be horrendously difficult. Virtual keyboard typing speeds are always going to be slower than physical keyboard typing speeds. However, tablets can do things that netbooks cannot, such as allow the user to draw or sketch on the screen.

DIY Test Laptop Mods

DIY test laptop mods can enhance your machine. Computers users have become more sophisticated today. They are More Tech savvy. Armed with a practical understanding of computers and how they operate, more people are modifying their free test laptop today. In addition, computer manufacturers have made peripherals much easier to change. This is a money saving combination.

Protective Skins for Test Laptops

Looking for a free test laptop? Test laptops are special editions of pre-launch products available directly from the manufacturer. This means that a lot of the restrictions placed upon them for consumers aren’t present in the development/testing versions, and this makes them incredibly valuable. Because manufacturers cannot insure your free test laptop, it is up to you to keep it safe.

How Funky Is Your Motorcycle Camera Mount?

Every day one could see a person riding a motorcycle that comes in every size and shape. Isn’t it amusing how these motorcycles traverse into traffic at varying speeds?

Free iPhone 4: Unbelievable? Believe It!

Getting a free iPhone 4 is really cool – and that is undeniable. After all, acquiring very expensive things – without having to pay for it, is just like a dream come true! In fact, at present time, you can even get a Free iPhone 4 just by using your computer!

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