EARBUDS AWARDS 2022 [Very Best Bluetooth Earbuds by Category]

These are the very best earbuds of 2022. Latest prices ⬇️
Galaxy Buds2 Pro ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/Buds2-Pro
Sony WF-1000XM4 ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/sony-wf1000xm4
Sennheiser MTW3 ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/Momentum-True-Wireless-3
Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds 2 ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/Bose-QCE2
Beats Fit Pro ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/beats-fit-pro
Bang and Olufsen EX ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/BeoplayEX
AirPods Pro 2 ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/AirPodsPro2
Sony Linkbuds S ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/linkbuds-S
Sony Linkbuds ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/linkbuds
Pixel Buds Pro ? https://mikeobrienmedia.com/Pixel-Buds-Pro
Soundcore Liberty 3 ? Pro https://mikeobrienmedia.com/Liberty-3-Pro
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Best ANC
Best sound
Most Comfortable
Best value
Best Call Quality
Best For Workouts
Best Overall (you won’t guess it)

The 2022 earbuds awards highlight the very best earbuds of the year, broken down into 7 categories. I have tested HUNDREDS of earbuds and these are my picks for the top sound, ANC, mics, fit, comfort, etc.

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