Easily make a GIF w/ Samsung’s default gallery app

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Fltrmgr Blue Screen Error Fix – How To Repair FltrMgr Blue Screen Errors

FltMgr.sys is a file utilized by Windows in managing your system’s hard drives and files. FltMgr is an abbreviation for Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager, which in essence is a file that ensures that all data stored in your hard drive is accurate, correct and error-free.

Easy Tips For Buying a Web Cam

Looking for a web cam can sometimes become quite complicated. You find it difficult to make your decision. These small tips will help you reach a decision.

DAC32 DLL Error Fix Tutorial – How To Repair DAC32 DLL Errors On Your PC

Dac32.dll is an important component used in a popular program called Digital Audio 32 Bit Copy Engine. This application is the brainchild of a Danish software producer called Christoph Schmelnik.

Photography Tips for Better Black and White Picture

Photography is an art. Just like paintings and other forms of art pieces it takes a passionate artist to be able to capture a wonderful photograph that entices the imagination of the viewer. Budding photographers should learn some photography tips that will help them capture the most beautiful and meaningful picture. Black and white photography can be considered as the most dramatic and intensely emotional form of art. A colorless image can give a whole new meaning to the picture. Besides that, the picture may also look more elegant and more high-fashioned.

Google Chrome Freezes

The response to the first public stable version of Google Chrome introduced in December 11, 2008 was amazing. As of December 2010, Chrome was the third most widely used web browser, according to StatCounter.

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