Echo Show 15 Full Overview / Features – 15.6″ Entertainment Hub – Octa-core Perfomance!

Checking out the new Echo Show 15. A 15.6″ full HD smart display, featuring capacitive touch, powered by an Amlogic Octa-core AZ2 chip. The Echo Show 15 has impressive loud stereo speakers, built-in Alexa voice control and lots more. This is my full overview going over the specs and top features.

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Echo Show 15 Specs:
15.6” Full HD Screen
1920 X 1080
Dual Speakers
5MP Camera + Privacy Cover
Use Portrait or Landscape
Wifi 6 2×2 MIMO / Bluetooth
Amlogic Pop1 Octa-core SOC AZ2
ALS + RGB Accelerometer
30W Power Adapter
35mm Thick
2.2Kg Weight

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Inside the box
00:47 First Impressions
01:00 Mounting Bracket
01:31 Ports / Buttons
01:58 Design / Build
02:29 Display
03:02 Speakers
03:19 Camera / Volume
03:43 Alexa Voice Control
04:40 OTA Firmware Updates
04:56 Tilt Stand for Echo Show 15
05:27 System Software Overview
08:20 Music Test
09:18 Video Streaming Test
11:48 Chipset
12:04 Final Thoughts

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