ECOSYSTEMS COMPARED: Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel

Brands love ecosystems, but can you mix and match Google and Samsung products? What advantages are gained within ecosystems? Product links & Latest Sales ⬇️
Galaxy S22 Ultra ?
Galaxy Z-Fold4 ?
Galaxy Buds2 Pro ?
Galaxy Watch 5 ?
Galaxy Watch 5 Pro ?
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ?
Galaxy Book Pro ?

Google Pixel 7 Pro ?
Google Pixel Buds Pro ?
Google Pixel Watch ?
Google Pixel Buds A ?
Google Pixel 6A ?

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1) What products are in each ecosystem
Pixel 7 Pro
Pixel Buds Pro – ANC, assistant, reading notifications
Pixel Watch Pro – input from health, notifications and reminders, assistant
Google Nest mini
Projector with AndroidTV

Galaxy Fold/Flip/S22 Ultra
Galaxy Buds Pro
Galaxy Watch 5
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
Samsung TV
Galaxy Book Pro laptop

2) Why not mix and match?
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with non-Galaxy devices lacks
Blood pressure monitoring
Samsung’s AR Emoji watch faces
Remote smartphone camera control

Galaxy Buds Pro without Galaxy phone lack
Samsung’s high res codec
360 audio
Seamless switching (multipoint) – but Pixel buds do this for all

Oher Galaxy features
Samsung Pay
Tracking down Galaxy SmartTags
Laptops have QuickShare, Dex, quick connection with Galaxy Buds
Samsung offers lots of tablet/phone paring features like app continuity and tablet keyboard share

Google doesn’t seem to have nearly as many exclusive features. They have multipoint on all devices

3) Comparison
Watch vs Watch
Earbuds vs Earbuds
Phone vs Phone
Additional Accessories

5) My setup right now
Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and B&O EX earbuds but I do use a Tab S8 Ultra. I wish that worked better with Pixel, but I just use mostly Google apps on there, and it works fine

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