EMOTN N1 Review – Netflix HD Certified Linux Home Cinema Projector – Any Good?

EMOTN N1 Review – Home Cinema LED Projector – Linux OS – Netflix HD – Any Good?

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* LED Projector
* Lamp Life: 30,000 Hours
* Brightness: 500 ANSI
* Contrast: 1000:1
* Native 1920 x 1080 / HDR10
* Linux OS
* 5GHZ WIFI / BT 5.0
* Auto Focus / Keystone
* Max Optimal Screen 300”
* HDMI 2.1
* 2 x 5W Speakers (Dolby Audio)
* 60” – 120” – Projection Size
* 1.6m – 3.1m – Throw Distance

00:00 Intro
00:27 Specs
01:07 Design
01:49 Inside the Box
01:58 Fan Noise Test
02:14 Linus OS / Settings
04:49 Screen Mirroring
05:03 Netflix Test
05:18 Youtube Test
06:09 PS5 Test
08:24 Pros & Cons
10:00 Projector Chart

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